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The first practice with the new Diavel. Its verry rough but light.


Sport1 WDW 2010

"Bike das Polo Motorrad Magazin"


Stuntshow and Wheelie-Simulator Performance, on the World Ducati Weekend in Misano Italy.


Galileo-eXtreme "Schall"


Thomas Drengenberg is Germany's only blind motorcyclist. Only after hearing Thomas goes this way and even slalom curves!

Stunt driver Michael Threin to find out for ourselves whether the sense of hearing also a seer is able to detect sound direction. Can he go blind motorcycle?


RTL Regional


He'll never get bored because he has probably one of the most unique professions in Germany: Michael Threin from Wedemark. His job is about stoppies, wheelies, and to a lot of excitement, because he is motorcycle stunt riders.

MoToGO 2010 Hannover

Some cuts of my stunt-show in Hannover.

Monster 696


Since this year, I drive on the new 696th monster This bike is for Initial voting problems, a true advancement to the model before it. But as you can see, it's still a diva, which runs a bit hard.

Ducati4U at Hockenheimring

This video shoes one warm UP for the Stuntshow at the Hockenheim Ring. During the Ducati 4 U Events I drove various shows.

Ducati Promovideo

Promotion is importantly, also for me at the time beginning beeing Ducati driver. So I shot this video on my training area as promotion for Ducati Germany.