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Micha Threin - Stuntdriver

For about 12 years I am one of the most successful Big Bike Freestyle rider in Germany.

With my Ducati`s I opend you a completely new world of motorcycle stuntriding. You can see things that are maybe impossible, I made possible! I could prove this by several meetings and championships .

My enthusiasm for this sport is to give my expirience for other riders and beginners. I am constantly trying to improve my tricks and to expand my program for the shows. For my school, I built the wheelie-simulator to learn the wheelies with no fear and pain. Also on smallest area or in halls I present you a unbelievably show.

Why searching for something special, if you found it here !?!

Who booked this show receives exciting 20-30 minutes and the show can be repeated up to 3 or 4 the times a day.

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